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     None  Accounting/Bookkeeping
     None  Alterations
     None  Animal Care
     None  Auto
     None  Automotive Dealerships
     None  Aviation
     None  Banks and Credit Unions
     None  Barns and Steel Buildings
     None  Blacksmith
     None  Carpenter
     None  Chamber of Commerce
     None  Child Care
     None  Chiropractic Care
     None  Churches
     None  Computer Services
     None  Consignment
     None  Construction
     None  Dentist
     None  Dry Cleaning
     None  Electric utility
     None  Electrician
     None  Equine Services
     None  Excavating
     None  Eye Care
     None  Feed Stores
     None  Field Mowing
     None  Fitness
     None  Flooring
     None  Florist
     None  Funeral Home
     None  Garage Doors
     None  Garbage/Hauling Services
     None  Glass - Decorative
     None  Golf Courses
     None  Hair/Nail Care and Cosmetics
     None  Handyman Services
     None  Health Care
     None  Heating and Cooling
     None  Home Builder
     None  House Cleaning
     None  Insurance
     None  Internet Service
     None  Jewelry
     None  Landscaping
     None  Lawn Care
     None  Locksmith
     None  Martial Arts
     None  Mortgage
     None  Painting - Interior/Exterior
     None  Paving/Asphalt
     None  Pawn Shop
     None  Pet Grooming
     None  Pet Sitter
     None  Pet Store
     None  Plumbing
     None  Portable Buildings
     None  Power Equipment - Sales and Service
     None  Propane Delivery
     None  Real Estate Services
     None  Recycling
     None  Restaurants
     None  Riding Lessons
     None  Schools
     None  Senior Citizens Services
     None  Septic Services
     None  Shipping Services
     None  Specialty/Gifts
     None  Storage
     None  Tavern
     None  Tile - Installation and Repair
     None  Towing
     None  Tractor, Trailer and RV Sales
     None  Transportation Services
     None  Travel Services
     None  Welding
     None  Window Replacement
     None  Windshield Repair
     None  Winery

ďAnd Iím proud to be an American, where at least I know Iím free. And I wonít forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.Ē
– Lee Greenwood  
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  Volume No. 12 Issue No. 5 May 2015  

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