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  Volume No. 10 Issue No. 7 July 2014  

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Feature Stories
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  Building and real estate update
  By Lindsey Harrison

   Paint Brush Hills Filing 13A
   The El Paso County Board of County Commissioners approved the first partial release of the collateral money provided to cover the roads built in the Paint Brush Hills subdivision for Filing 13A. County engineer Andre Brackin said the county holds the total collateral amount until the work has been finished, at which point the road construction is inspected; and, if approved, the commissioners can approve the work and release the collateral. For this item, the commissioner approved a partial release of $19,744.38 and will hold the remaining $44,393.92 as a guarantee for the work done during the warranty period, Brackin said.
   The commissioners also approved a resolution for preliminary acceptance of some of the roadwork done within Filing 13A into the county road maintenance system.
   Meadow Lake Airport
   The BOCC approved the final release of a bond put up to do grading and erosion control at Meadow Lake Airport. Brackin said this bond is supplied like collateral money; and, with the work completed and inspected, the commissioners could release a portion of the bond money in the amount of $9,828.
   Squirrel Creek Drainage Basin and Bridge Trust Fund
   Brackin said a developer in the area of the Squirrel Creek Drainage system built improvements to the public drainage system. Using the Squirrel Creek Drainage Basin and Bridge Trust fund, a fee system that developers pay into, the county reimbursed the developer for creating those improvements, he said. “This was a partial reimbursement for the structure he built,” Brackin said.
   Black Forest Log School Park
   The El Paso County Planning Commission heard a request from The Friends of Black Forest Log School Inc. for approval of the location of a new public park, northwest of the intersection of Shoup Road and Black Forest Road. The proposed facility includes the historic log school, a new pavilion and associated landscaping, signage and parking. The commission unanimously approved the request.
   Bent Grass
   The planning commission also heard a request for approval of a Planned Unit Development plan amendment by the following stakeholders: Bahr Holdings LLC; Nextop Holdings LLC; R.W. Case; M.D. and Joyce Mcallister; Long Hope Joint Venture LLP; Marksheffel Woodmen Invest LLC; and BT Long. The request pertained to about 35.5 acres of the more than 140 acres approved and recorded for the Bent Grass Planned Unit Development. The amendment includes reconfiguring the 104 single-family lots, open space tracts and right-of-ways, and will implement a phasing plan to build Bent Grass Meadows Drive.
   At the same time, the commission heard a request from the same stakeholders for a preliminary plan in that area. The parcels are west of Meridian Road, north of Owl Road.
   The following community members spoke in opposition to the request: Kathy Hare, Kevin Klein, William Parrish and Jonathan Moore.
   The PUD plan amendment was approved in a 3-2 vote and the preliminary plan was approved in a 4-1 vote. Both items will be forwarded to the BOCC for consideration.


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