Volume No. 18 Issue No. 2 February 2021  

  Massage therapist opens brick and mortar

     Jace Colvin, owner of Jade and Stone Massage in Falcon opened her business December 2020.
   Colvin said she has been a massage therapist for three years; it is what she loves doing. Originally from Florida, she moved to Colorado, attended the Colorado School of Healing Arts; and attained her license as a massage therapist.
   She said in talking with clients from Peyton and Falcon, they often mentioned not having a massage therapist in the area, so she decided to open a business.
   One of the services Colvin offers is infant massage classes. She said infant massage helps babies eat and digest food better, nourishes growth and is used to create a healthy sleep routine. She doesn’t massage the babies herself, but teaches parents how to do it. Parents are welcome to bring their baby to the class, but she also provides dolls to practice on, which she encourages taking advantage of during COVID-19. Colvin said it is also a great class for pregnant moms.
   Colvin said she loves stone work and offers hot jade stone massages. She said hot stones tend to give the same feeling as a deeper tissue massage without the discomfort; the heat helps the stone sink into the body with less pressure, and the blood flows to the area to heal the damaged muscles from over use. She said not everyone wants or needs a stone massage, but it is definitely worth trying at least once.
   She also provides foot massages, which involve getting ones’ shoulders, neck and upper areas massaged while the feet soak first. She said it’s more like a stress relief massage, than “just” a foot massage.
   Colvin said to ensure safety during COVID, everyone’s temperatures are taken, masks are required while in the building, people are social distanced and she uses a sanitizer gun to spray down all areas. Plus, all bedding is changed between clients, not just the sheets.
   In the past, she offered free massage Tuesdays to clients who allowed her to practice massage techniques she learned from school and extra classes. She intends to offer a version of this to members in the near future.
   A grand opening will be held after her sign is up, hopefully in the near future. During the opening, she will be giving free 30-minute massages to participants.
   Colvin said she recommends that clients talk to their massage therapist. Tell them if the pressure is too soft or hard; they don’t know and they’re willing to adjust the pressure for each client. She said, “We don’t know better than you do; we can’t feel what you feel and we want to make it comfortable for you.” She said light pressure is still good for relieving stress; it doesn’t have to be hard or uncomfortable.
   Jade and Stone Massage is at 7675 McLaughlin Dr. Call 352-507-2292 for more information.
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