Volume No. 18 Issue No. 9 September 2021  

  Center keeping western culture alive

     Latigo Trails Equestrian Center in Elbert had its beginnings in 2001, after a 45-acre stretch of land had been donated to the Pikes Peak Range Riders (the previous land owners had filed bankruptcy).
   Since then, Latigo Trails has promoted western heritage through various youth events and activities.
   Their mission statement: “To serve as the focused hub of youth equestrian and agricultural activities through a first-class facility, partnerships, programs and proactive community outreach.”
   Their vision statement: “To instill the core values of the ‘cowboy way’ in the youth of our community through exposure, mentoring and leadership in equestrian and agricultural activities.”
   Along with indoor and outdoor arenas, the center houses retail shops, show stalls, a boarding barn, a restaurant and Stable Strides, an Equestrian Therapy Center that operates on the property and rents the facility for $1 annually.
   The facility offers open riding sessions and hosts a variety of events such as the Winter Buckle Series. “This will be our 12th year (the Winter Buckle Series),” said Bob Harrison, manager of Latigo. “It’s an event for the people in the community at all different levels to compete in horse show events and gymkhana events.”
   Harrison, who has managed the property since the beginning, said the Winter Buckle series is his favorite event. “It’s another avenue for people who want to get into the equestrian world; or for people who are already involved and want to have a place to go and compete,” he said.
   Latigo Trails is a nonprofit so the events, retail shops and the restaurant keeps the center operating, Harrison said.
   The next event is the Spencer Miller Tribute Roping Sept. 11, which raises money to help kids at the facility who want to get into equestrian sports. The event is open to the public.
   Latigo Trails Equestrian Center is at 13710 Halleluiah Trail in Elbert.
   Find out more about Latigo Trails, and all of their events by visiting the website at https://atlatigo.com.
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